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We help business owners master their finances

Understanding your financial reports should be simple & easy

Divine helps businesses owners not only with financial reports, but our larger purpose is to help you understand and utilize these reports. Having these tools helps business owners make smart financial decisions in all things business.

What we do

Through our full service bookkeeping we give entrepreneurs more time to focus on growing their business and less time tied down to administrative tasks. With monthly reporting you will always be on top of your finances.

Colleagues Working Together

Who we help

Small - mid sized businesses across North America. Divine has clients in many industries including construction, eCommerce, professional, real estate, manufacturing, & more.

Our Mission

Our Goals

Divine strives to help 1 million people master finances. Starting with business owners & working into their personal lives we are providing tools, resources, & education to help small businesses learn how to manage their finances on a professional level.

Outside of helping 1 million people master business, we have a long term goal of starting a non-profit that helps educate young high school & college students with their finances. (Budgeting, Money management, Investments, Savings, & More)

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